Reaslistic Size and building from reference

Hello guys,

I stumbled on my first problem in creating the landscape. I want it to feel real, size wise, to give the sense of awe that would normally give you but im kinda frustrated because I don’t get how to make it work. So, my project is a about a castle in the mountains , medieval sort of thing. But , the whole size it seems to go in both extreme ways, either will it be a small level , not exactly the size i would like it, or it will freeze my pc by the sheer size. Even after that, when I get in game mode, the mountain range I’m trying to build doesnt actually work for me, because if I want the size of the castle to be huge and hostile , how can the mountains not be dwarfed by that. I’m trying to set the base right , so I can begin to work from there, but I can’t figure out how. Have you had any problem like this, if so how did you worked that around? The reference is kind of this .


What’s the height of the castle in meters? Max height 100 meters?

Around 80 - 90 meters

I don’t know if there is a crossover between modeling modern building styles, and modeling the old epic style stuff like your illustrations… but my usual policy is to scale everything up by 11.1%

This makes 9 foot ceilings (which look nice and spacious in real life, but small in the third person starter pack), become 10 feet ceilings. Everything else on that scale keeps it all in proportion.

However, as I said, that is what I have been doing for my standard, modern day setting - I don’t know if it will be the same for you.

Also, it would be worth looking into camera positioning, I suspect that placement of the camera is what will really make the awe of a scene begin to pop out to a player.

getting epic feeling like this is hard even in film. Its about perspective, so if you look at it from above it looks small, if you have a wide angle lens, and see it from below, bigger. Adding in objects we know the scale of helps too, like a person or some trees.
But that said, nothing on a 2D screen is going to feel so epic, b/c there is no parallax to tell our mind how big, and awe inspiring it really is.

Actually, this is a really good point you are making.

However, In recent times I have seen games bring that static shot parallax into play - one of these games in particular is Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. There are shots in that were the parralax is used on what is otherwise a static image, I guess done with layering.

It obviously doesn’t look too epic in something like phoenix wright, but does add drama to the moment - might be worth taking a look at setting up the camera to look at your layered 2d graphics from a slight angle, and have them layed, and very far apart (the camera trickery with this somewhat ortho view would make them look like one image I would assume)

Another game that did this in the past was resident evil (back in the day) I think they used 2d images and fired them up for back drops that used this illusion, if I remember correctly?