Rearranging Inputs and Outputs

Heya, small thing

Instead of:

The rearrangement buttons could be like:

I hope you’ll consider it, thanks :slight_smile:

as says:

has an even better idea:

Have you tried opening the inputs with the arrows on the left?

I know where the buttons are, but thanks for your concern

I requested this same thing a couple of weeks ago with no response, heh. Yes, you can unfold the inputs/outputs but it’s a pain. Here’s the workflow for that:

-Unfold input
-move the input up/down
-close the unfolded input which is now the input that was directly above or below the input you originally unfolded
-scroll up to the original input which you just moved

Repeat. It’s a real workflow killer. Having the move buttons outside of the fold would be much better.

I know right, thanks for clarifying the issue for me, I was a little preoccupied working on something when I got frustrated with the buttons and made a post :smiley:

Why not some drag and drop instead of nasty up/down arrows? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a great idea , gonna throw that up top!

Also requested the same thing as an alternative haha

I really hope this gets sorted. I know Epic went through a usability pass finding things that hinder workflow and fixing them. Hopefully this is one of those things and it’s part of 4.5.

Yeah I hope so too :slight_smile: