Realtime Walthrough Video

Hello i recently created a real time architectural visualization project, and i would really love to get feedback and opinions about my project to further improve my skills.
Thanks in advance

It looks really good to me. The way you moved the interface into 3D space is interesting. Not sure how much time it takes to set this up. Would it work for a 4 bedroom 2 story house?

To be honest with you it took me some time to do that but its probably due to my limited blueprint knowledge, and also im not sure if this kind of interface is even practical i just try different things :] . To your question i dont see why it would not work for a 2 story house .

Yes - it can be a time / money sink to work with interactive blueprints and set up everything individually. Best to try to make a blueprint template you can use for everything and only contains the data in variables, but maybe you are having this already? I’m not a programmer but some told me to never copy code.

too dark in kitchen and too dark in toilet try using post production boxes for brightnes or something like that, or make your camera minimum higher with exposure. Also music on tv sucks :smiley: Look for your mirror it have some artifacts. In total good project I like when you change colors of floor and bed you have pillow and sheets to change colors in one and it represent with small models great touch, gave me inspiration! Keep on :)))

Thats what im talking about! , thanks for your time to give me feedback mate on my second project i will try to improve the things that you mentioned.