realtime text to facial animation

Looking for plugin solutions to work with UE4…I think.
We’re generating text at runtime, pulling from a webpage. The end goal is to get a (Metahuman) face to animate to the text.

  1. We’re researching the best way to turn the text to speech, but that’s not the focus of my question.
  2. My job is to get the face to animate (somewhat well) and I want to either use the text directly or create the animation based on the voice audio, per #1 above.
  3. I found FaceFX, but it looks like it creates animation based on a .wav file, which means it doesn’t work in realtime.
  4. This could do it from the text directly? Text To Lip Sync in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Does anyone have any experience, insight, or see any flaws in my thinking here? Thanks.