Realtime spline creation

What i am trying to recreate is an easy path line.


I was able to create the spline mesh following this [Video][2] tutorial, now i just using the path points and passing it to my spline but i receive many warning during the gameplay and i cannot see any spline.
The warning is this “Calling SetStaticMesh on ‘None’ but Mobility is Static”.

Unfortunately i don’t have my blueprints right now, i will provide it in 9 hours, but if somebody will eventually explain me the warning i could fix it by myself.

Ok here is my spline blueprint. I just set the points in another function and call this one.

And here is the complete warning:
Warning AttachTo: ‘/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Example_Map.Example_Map:PersistentLevel.SplinePath_C_4.Spline1’ is not static (in blueprint “SplinePath”), cannot attach ‘/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Example_Map.Example_Map:PersistentLevel.SplinePath_C_4.SplineMeshComponent_1’ which is static to it. Aborting.
Warning Calling SetStaticMesh on ‘None’ but Mobility is Static.


Okay, I don’t know everything about splines, but I can tell you a few things about them. 1) In your blueprint, click the “add spline mesh component” node. In the detail panel to your left (in the bp), make sure that it is “Moveable” and not static. 2) In the for loop in the picture above that you posted, it is important to note that because spline point indexes start at 0, when you add 1 to the point index you are indeed returning an invalid point - because - it doesn’t exist yet. So to solve this, after you’ve gotten the number of spline points, subtract one (- 1) from it - this is the number you plug into the “last index” in your for-loop. Lastly, as I see also in the picture you’re using points for location and tangents rather than a distance scale and segments… try viewing this tutorial. It may answer some questions for you, but as I’ve found the deeper you dig the more questions you have :confused:

Hope it helps

Thanks morglion! Setting the SplineMeshComponent to moveable finally allowed me to take the spline mesh out of the construction script and into the event graph.

can’t seem to send a private message, but I’m interested in this work, I’m also working on a turn based combat system and am grateful for your questions. I can take a lot from it, but it’s a bit unclear how to get there. If you like to collaborate/trade blueprints, that would be very nice. :slight_smile: I can help with other blueprints, 3d modelling/texturing and music~

Um how did you get the create event to allow add spline mesh… I tried to call it as construct create event but it error red me out saying that it cant be here. as it wont compile but yet when i use it on blueprint default construct event it let me do it ?

Well it’s a very old post… Many things are changed and i am not working on this project anymore.
You should create a new post.