Realtime SceneCaptured2D caching into texture sprite animations

Hi! I am working for the system for my game, and I wonder, should I put more effort into making it marketplace ready, i.e. will it be usable for anyone else or not. If it will be of any use for you, feel free to vote ‘yes’ inside the poll.

The system takes SceneCaptured2D component, and renders it into set of frames (batched into texture atlases), which you can later playback inside UMG or real world scene.

In my game, it allows to cache complex character 3D model, when it changes equipment, and show his preview animations inside UMG with very little performance cost, because on every eqipment change, I re-render all his animations, store them into cached atlases, and draw them instead of 3D model.

So esentially, if you have any complex 3D animation, which you can display as 2D at the scene background or UMG, and it needs to be updated during the game (no pre-render before the game), this might be of use to you.

For my scenario, I don’t need it to be extra fast (on every equipment change confirm, I can allow some lag delay), but if this will get some interest, I can invest time in making it very fast and optimized.

System backend is C++, and front-end is blueprint for controlling and setting it up