Realtime motion capture with Optitrack and Oculus Rift

Hello this is a side project I’m working on my spare time experimenting with Optitrack. I’m also using Oculus Rift for a more immersive first person action game where you can actually carry you weapon and use directly from your hands. Here’s a video I quickly made. You may notice a bit of lag with the video source, but that’s because I’m recording a video stream from my smartphone and merging with the desktop with OBS.

Looks pretty sweet. How is the latency in person with the tracking?

The delay is absolutely zero, not even noticeable. In the video the sources are not synchronized, you don’t even see exactly what I was seeing because it was another instance of Unreal using the same data but without the Oculus view mode. But inside the Oculus everything is perfect.

This looks very cool! But isn’t Optitrack quite expensive?

Does Optitrack provide a plugin for UDK or did you write that yourself?

Yep a bit expensive but my company bought it, so I’m playing with it while I’m not R&D-ing job related stuff :smiley:

That is pretty awesome. Imagine playing an Elder Scrolls game with this technology. =)