Realtime Database for all platforms - Firebase

Realtime Database
Firebase Realtime Database implementation for UE4

Realtime Database is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that lets you integrate Realtime Database functionality of the Firebase system for all platforms.

Firebase is a platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality experiences and grow your user base. You can focus on making your game and not waste time building complex infrastructure. Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database. Data is stored as JSON, synced across connected devices in milliseconds, and available when your game goes offline.

Required Unreal Engine 4.16 or above.

Current plugin version: 1.7.0
User Guide:…_UserGuide.pdf

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★ Firebase Realtime Database implementation.
★ Cloud-hosted NoSQL database with data stored as JSON.
★ No additional servers needed.
★ Realtime sync across connected devices in milliseconds. All clients share one Realtime Database instance and automatically receive updates with the newest data.
★ Responsive regardless of network latency or Internet connectivity so your game works offline. Data synchronizes when connectivity returns (mobile only).
★ Handling of the complexity of realtime synchronization and provision of flexible conflict resolution.
★ Backend development without servers using Firebase Cloud Functions.
★ Support for transactions for operations that could be corrupted by concurrent modifications.
★ Strong user-based security with Firebase Authentication module.
★ All features are exposed to Blueprints.
★ Support for gameDNA installer. No more downloading SDKs and creating packages on your own!
★ Out-of-the-box for all platforms.
★ Works with Blueprint-only & source code projects.
★ Works with Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions.
★ Big example project and professional documentation included.
★ Compatible with Ultimate Mobile Kit.

★ Full source code available on GitHub private repo!
★ Compatible with all platforms
★ Easy plugin setup
★ All future updates
★ Support via Discord & e-mail

Ultimate Mobile Kit is an extension of this plugin.

Plugin is used in our mobile game CHASERS:

You can download example project at the following address: GitHub - gameDNAstudio/ExampleProjects: Example projects for gameDNA's plugins

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More about Firebase you can find on the official website.

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  • Firebase Database Get Reference
  • Firebase Database Get Reference From Path
  • Firebase Database Get Reference From URL
  • Firebase Database Go Offline
  • Firebase Database Go Online
  • Firebase Database Init
  • Firebase Database Purge Outstanding Writes
  • Firebase Database Server Timestamp
  • Is Firebase Database Initialized


  • Child
  • Children
  • Children Count
  • Exists
  • Has Child
  • Has Children
  • Is Valid
  • Key
  • Priority
  • Value


  • Database Reference Remove Value
  • Database Reference Run Transaction
  • Database Reference Set Priority
  • Database Reference Set Value
  • Database Reference Set Value And Priority
  • Database Reference Update Children
  • Child
  • Get Parent
  • Get Root
  • Go Offline
  • Go Online
  • Is Root
  • Key
  • On Disconnect
  • Push Child
  • Url


  • Disconnection Handler Cancel
  • Disconnection Handler Remove Value
  • Disconnection Handler Set Value
  • Disconnection Handler Set Value And Priority
  • Disconnection Handler Update Children
  • Is Valid


  • Child
  • Children
  • Children Count
  • Has Child
  • Is Valid
  • Key
  • Priority
  • Set Priority
  • Set Value
  • Value


  • Query Get Value
  • Add Child Listener
  • Add Value Listener
  • Remove Child Listener
  • Remove Value Listener
  • Start At
  • Start At With Child Key
  • End At
  • End At With Child Key
  • Equal To
  • Equal To With Child Key
  • Is Valid
  • Limit To First
  • Limit To Last
  • Order By Child
  • Order By Key
  • Order By Priority
  • Order By Value


  • Array Value
  • Bool Value
  • Float Value
  • Integer Value
  • Map Value
  • String Value
  • As Bool
  • As Float
  • As Integer
  • As String
  • Construct Empty Array
  • Construct Empty Map
  • Construct Empty String
  • Construct True Object
  • Construct False Object
  • Construct From Bool
  • Construct From Float
  • Construct From Integer
  • Construct From String
  • Construct Null
  • Construct One
  • Construct One Point Zero
  • Construct Zero
  • Construct Zero Point Zero
  • Is Array
  • Is Bool
  • Is Container Type
  • Is Float
  • Is Fundamental Type
  • Is Integer
  • Is Map
  • Is Mutable String
  • Is Null
  • Is Numeric
  • Is Static String
  • Is String
  • Is Valid
  • Set Array
  • Set Bool Value
  • Set Float Value
  • Set Integer Value
  • Set Map
  • Set Null
  • Set String Value
  • Type


  • Firebase Cloud Functions Init
  • Firebase Cloud Functions Call Function


  • Firebase Database Authentication Init
  • Firebase Database Create User With Email And Password
  • Firebase Database Is User Logged In
  • Firebase Database Reauthenticate User
  • Firebase Database Send Email Verification
  • Firebase Database Send Password Reset Email
  • Firebase Database Sign In With Email And Password
  • Firebase Database Sign Out
  • Firebase Database Update Email
  • Firebase Database Update Password
  • Is Firebase Database Authentication Initialized


  • User Signed In
  • User Signed Out
  • User Id Token Changed

Firebase is crazy cool. Plus, you don’t have to worry about scaling to million users :wink: .

I’ve seen it be used so many times. I’ve even used it two times myself!

So let’s see: This guy offers commercial support via email, plug and play functionality in BOTH C++ AND BP!

Heck, I don’t know why somebody would hesitate to get this if he wants to integrate this kind of database in his project. It’s battle-tested gameDNA quality after all :smiley: .

so happy GameDNA is doing this - quality plugins and like Zarkopafilis said, this is a great solution - I wrote my own cloud solution for v1 of my game and I’m dying to switch to this for the above reasons as well

Sounds cool. PS thats one huge *** ipad lol.

Any release date for this tool? I need this as soon as possible.


Yep, interested also in seeing this come out!

You should expect release around May 25-30 :slight_smile:

Also interested! Any idea on price?

Price hasn’t been set yet.

This looks amazing.
Will this also support authentication somehow? Or would all Users essentially have the same access level to the database?

Yes, it will support authentication.

Realtime Database is in QA phase but we detected several major problems in Launcher engine version. In this case, we decided to delay release to June 2017. Sorry about that. We want to release stable and bug-free software so please wait a little longer. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:

This is great! I would love to give this a spin asap!

Any news on a release for this?

Still hard working. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Awesome - Really looking forward to this!

I’m SUPER interested in this plugin, sounds like EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

Can I use it to seamlessly sync UFS (the native unreal game file save format) across network connected Windows, Android and IOS devices?

Hi WhiteNorthStar,

I’m very happy that you are interested in this plugin! :smiley:

This is a database, not a file storage. So you will be able to map properties from Save File to Database Fields and sync :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the release, I’ve used Firebase in the past and it would be perfect for an upcoming project.

Hi Is this plugin available ? where can I get it ? thanks !