Realtime Archviz Screens


since a few months I’m creating a small house for learning purposes. The project is in no relation to my current professional work.
I’lll post here some assets and detail screenshots. All is work in progress.
For all assets I used Blender, NDO, DDO and PS… and of course: UE4.6

I’d like to invite to also post screens so we can see how far we can push the UE for realtime archviz without deadline or money limitations in mind. :slight_smile:


Regards, Florian

looks very nice! looking forward to seeing it finished…

The bloom is a bit too strong imo, but otherwise looks great

Looks good! Keep it up!

I agree with JLO, the bloom was the first thing that I noticed, more so than the images themselves. The bump on some of the surfaces is a little strong. You’ve got some nice neutral colors going on that are convincing, but some of that said roughness, (the sink is also a good example of this) break the image a little bit.

Good luck!

The outdoor shot near the balcony (not the one from down the driveway) is particularly impressive. Very beautiful in it’s simplicity and quite convincing.

use Blender Light UVmap pack feature to make this Second UV?

looks quite good, I think it will look pretty sweet when its complete:)

you shouldn’t use that feature as the UV’s it produces are no good for use in UE4.