Realspace 3D Audio - coming anytime soon?

Hey everyone!

I am currently developing a demo for the Oculus Rift and since Oculus licensed Realspace 3D for Audio and Epic is working very close with Oculus my question is:
Will Realspace 3D be integrated in the Engine at some poing (as a plugin?).

Unity already has a plugin available and it is pretty awesome.
For people not knowing about what I am talking about:


I’m not aware of any work by Realspace for a direct UE4 plugin, though if you are using wWise with UE4 I believe you can make use of that plugin.

The architecture of the UE4 audio system at current creates some significant challenges for integrating a plugin such as this, however, we have plans to begin resolving those issues in the New Year, so hopefully at some point plugins of this type will become available.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

was this spam or really from realspace 3d, their website is back online but no mention of ue4

with the changes coming next year, will it be possible to make use of things like libpd?