REALMYST like... point system

hi to everyone,
i’m totally beginner in programming and , obvious, “blueprint”.
I’m a 3D Designer who have fun to create worlds to explore and interact to.
I just try to learn all about to programming a “REALMYST like” game…
i want to create the same point system of realmyst (or myst 5)…
realmyst have 2 point system…

  1. cursor at the center of the screen and a typical FPS camera and controls
  2. free cursor controlled by mouse and a static camera… you can move the camera to look around just pointing the mouse near the edge of the camera…if i point up…camera look up…if i point left…camera look left etc ( and all the “move around” controls are blocked a,s,d,w, )

i can switch between this 2 point system just pressing the right mouse button…

( you can see it…on 7:50 )
i have just a problem… when i click the right mouse button the CURSOR appear in a different part of the screen… but i want to “unlock” cursor starting at the center. at the same center position of the point system n°1.

that’s all … i’m sorry for my bad english.
I hope to be understood.

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Make your own cursor support.
Use fps template. For wasd+free camera.

Add mouse x,y input as new “look axis” or such.

Then depending on type of camera either execute mouse look from fps template, or execute your code that moves pointer and not camera.

For cursor to appear on objects do trace line from camera. If it hits object you like show cursor on it.