Really weird Line Trace By Object bug?

I’ve encountered this really weird bug a couple of times. Basically, I’ll set up a line trace by object to detect a couple of custom object types (Interactable, Pickups). Randomly, the collision trigger, in this case a sphere, will just stop being traceable even though the trigger is set to the object type. I’ve double checked the object types that are being trace and they are correct.

What is REALLY weird is if I duplicate the blueprint and make into a new one with THE EXACT SAME SETTINGS, the new blueprint works. This has happened to me twice with different object. I can’t help but wonder why the object itself just stops being traceable but an exact copy is? It’s a weird bug that has lost me literal of hours of work.

I also get this weird glitch were items get duplicated randomly. Not sure if it’s related.

Here is the line trace.

The original key settings

The copied key settings( Exactly the same)

Copied Key working as scripted.

OG key being ignored.

How do you calculate ‘interact trace end’?

I have a scene component that I can adjust in the viewport of the player BP. But that isn’t the issue, because it works just fine if I duplicate the BP and use that instead.