Really weird level error

Im having really really weird problem on my game. I have perfectly working thirdpersoncharacter, I can move and jump in other levels, but on one level, I cant move around, I can only jump, and thirdpersoncharacter wont come down (what I mean if I press space it basically just flyes… Does anyone now how to solve this problem?? All help is needed! Problem occured after some level editing, placing trees and couple of houses on my level…

Now I have found out that if I place my third person character on the ground and try to move and jump nothing happens, but If I place my character somewhere on the sky, I can jump and while jumping move little bit around… But still every time I jump it wont come back downvards… Sorry for bad english, I hope that someone can help me

Have you set the level defaults to use your gameplay, controller, pawn etc?

If you mean these, then yes

Do you have any other clue what could cause my problem?

Perhaps you’ve placed your pawn beneath the KillZ?

Also, are you using a lot of BSPs? They can break and create invisible geometry if used excessively.

Thanks! Ok I found out that If I remove every single tree in my scene it started working. On my game trees are actors, becouse then I can only drag them to the world and I dont have to drag every single part of them (becouse paint 3d imports all parts seperate to my project) Do you now how I can make paint 3d .fbx files to import as one piece to my project? Thank for you and sorry for my bad english!