Really simple question regards Pawns their contents

I’ve done a fair bit of programming over the years and have for the last few been playing with Unity on and off but never really settling to it. This year something ■■■■■■ me off and I decided to move to playing with Unreal Engine instead. So I am a newb to Unreal but familiar with some of the concepts and with programming.

This is stumping me though and I don’t quite get why. I created a Pawn and the only item in that pawn is currently a plane with a texture on. It appears that when I rotate the Actor the plane does not rotate. I assumed it would move relative to the Actor itself rather than independently. I have tested the blueprint I have against a cube and it works rotating as requested. When applied to the actor it does not rotate, although if I output the result of the SetActorRotation I do get True. This suggests to me that the actor is rotating but the plane is locked to world coordinates rather than local ones. When I try the dropdown next to the coords etc they all say relative rather than world though so I think they are set correctly.

What am I doing wrong here, it feels like I may have a fundemental misunderstanding of how this should work. I just cannot figure out what that is.

You really need to post your BP, especially the components window. Problems with things not rotating when they should and rotating when they shoudn’t are usually a component hierarchy problem.

Eh aren’t you just referring to the blueprint editor’s floor?…ort/index.html