Really new to the character/rigging side of things - rigged character importing.

Hi, i’m trying to figure out the best way to get rigged characters into the engine - I had a quick try with no success.

Say I had this troll, which is rigged and in FBX form and I wanted to import it into the engine.

I want to be able to get it to follow animation data, like walk/run cycles etc, but i’d ultimately like to be able to control it with a mocap data stream - I think vicon have a plug-in called pegasus which can stream this data. My question is, would an asset like this one from turbosquid be ready to rock or do I have to fiddle with it in motion-builder or the Maya rigging tools or something?

Any help would be great!

How did you try to import the FBX and what, specifically were the results? (ie, did the editor crash, freeze, nothing happen, partial import etc.)

Generally speaking, a rigged character fbx should be as simple as dragging and dropping the fbx into the content browser, preferably into it’s own folder to keep things organized. If you are, as in this case, using a custom skeleton that is not already present in the editor, select “no skeleton” when prompted and your custom skeleton will be imported.

Thanks a lot - i’ll try this out and let you know how I do. I don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a turbosquid model and it not behave as it should.

Another thing to consider is that even if your character from turbosquid is rigged correctly and ready to g -Even if it imports correctly you will still need to create the animations in an outside 3D program like Maya. Unless, that is, you plan to use an animation set already available, in which case you can retarget your turbosquid’s skeleton to the skeleton to which those animations were created.