Really new need help

hi unreal community
just started playing with ue4 and i have dicided to go full pro on ue4 and really looking forward to make some good games

first of all i am not a expret with computing things and off course zero skill in programming some one told me that you dont neeed programming in ue4 so i dicided to go with ue4
i use to play with cryengine so i know little bit of making games …(may be not sure)
ok ! to learn thing i use youtube but that was confusing tons of video (what to do and when) so any one please help me with it any playlist or video tutorial in sequence can help me
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

welcome to UE4 and the forum:)

I would say the unreal engine youtube channel is a good place to start, it has lots of info on how to do things. there is no specific order that things should be done but I would start with level creation as almost every game has them plus they usually have some programming and then move onto other stuff like setting up your player…ect.

hope that helps:D

Hi, To start out the Unreal Engine videos are the best. Start with this one and progress through until you need to do a specific task like getting a hight map into Unreal or finding out how to measure something in your level.

Then just type Ue4 followed by your enquiry which could be hight map. Never use “these” quotation marks unless you want something super specific and search google videos. They sometimes take bit of searching out if they’re really specific, but Google videos is just amazing.

i have already gone through with these videos (really help me out) but thanks a lot , it seems after learning unreal engine i have to create some playlist for learners because for me its really confusing all that stuff… but thanks guys, i have lots of question coming in my mind but i will save them for some other day :slight_smile:
have a nice days guys :slight_smile:

one more question can any one tell me about learning big things i mean like what i start with (level editing ,landscape, blueprint and material making etc ,etc)