Really need your HELP

I have been on this issue for three full days. I’ve checked all google pages and UE topics. But nothing helped me.

My goal is simple : I want to change the World to Meters Scale value (World Settings) from the sequencer.

I’ve create an Actor BP called “World to Meters” with a Variable float called “World”.

I’ve put the Actor and add the pin World to the sequencer (to easily change the float value with the timeline).

Finaly on the Level blueprint, I configured the “World” float as a new scale for the "Set World to Meter Scale"

  • It recognize perfectly the current value from the timeline (current value : 779,244141)

  • But it don’t match with the “Set World to Meters Scale”. (Variable is not in scope).

Ive tryed to make a collapsed graph of the nodes but it’s useless. I know that “Variable is not in scope” means that the variable float value is from another BP.

I would love to create a variable float in this level blueprint but I don’t know how can I change the value from the sequencer. Even if I check “Expose to Cinematics” in the “float” column, I don’t know how to find it on the sequencer.

Any clue is welcome !

Thank you