really Need some help. can't get launcher to work.

Hi all

i really hope that the is some nice people in here that could help.

when i try to run the launcher it gives me a error status 0xc000012f that my XiNPUT_3.dll file is either not designed to run on windows or it contains a error.
iam running windows 10 pro 64bit. please dont tell me to contact the support, where i tried to reinstall directx, when that didnt work i really havent heard anything back from them. that has been over 3 weeks now.

the funny things is if i compile the unreal engine from git. i can load it up gives med the same error but it load and it runs. but i dont like that error and i dont really wanne start developing anything when the first thing i get when i open the program is a error.

i really hope there is a ninja out there that can help me.

best regards

Try uninstalling your GPU drivers and reinstalling them clean