RealityCapture - Blender roundtrip with kept scale and orientation


For the past 2 hours (not kidding) i’ve been trying to figure out what settings to use when exporting a mesh from RealityCapture, bringing it into Blender for a touchup and then back again to realitycapture for a new UV unwrap and reproject - but having the model re-appear with the same scale and orientation when back in Reality capture.

I assume the settings I have to consider around transformations are the:

  1. Export FBX settings in Realitycapture

  2. The Import FBX setttings in Blender

  3. The Export FBX settings in Blender

I have not yet found any Import settings for FBX’s in Reality capture except for max part polycount. 

Can someone please just let me know if they’ve found a fruitful combination of these. I’m going mad over here. 

  1. The Export settings:

  2. The import in Blender: 

  1. Export settings in Blender

Hi, when you are importing model back, does this file has its own rcinfo file?

I get a .rcinfo on the first file I export out from RealityCapture. I then copied that files and renamed it so that it would reflect the name on the “_fromBlender”-file. 

Also, as there could be problems with FBX, I exported as OBJ with these settings:

Noone has any best practice around this? 

Hi, do you have still problems with it? When you import model back into RC, is it in a wrong scale?

Yes, Can’t find a way with FBX , wrong scale, wrong orientation, not showing at all. However, with OBJ, I found a way. Just silly such a simple manner renders almost impossible. 

I tested it and it seems to work on my side. Which version of RC do you have?



Also, when I used these export settings from Blender it worked (scale, position and orientation) in RealityCapture: