Reality Capture - Photogrammetry Question / Help

Hi, I was hoping to get a bit of help building a workflow process for “Reality Capture” Photogrammetry projects into Unreal.

I’ve been struggling for years trying to find the best way to get something I create in RC into unreal that looks and runs well.

I hoping someone from Unreal’s development team who knows a lot more about reality capture or someone from the community can help out. Here is some of my examples of the projects ive been trying to work on; Chubert3 (@Chubert3) - Sketchfab

Some of the areas I really struggle with are dealing with the insane size of the interior models and textures (I Normally will remodel any flat surface in Modo and simplfy the model down to 1-5 million polygons depending on the size of the room), but then the real struggle is with smoothing polygons that are jagged and applying materials so when I bring things into unreal the lighting will work correctly. Also dealing with such large models normally becomes a bit more problematic :slight_smile: hoping UE5 can help there.

Can anyone help ? or provide any workflow guidance for me?