Realistic WW2 Multiplayer FPS - Several Roles

Project Title: Hell Let Loose

Description: Platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War. It includes combined arms (land vehicles), logistics and allows the player to build structures and defenses. There is a larger emphasis on strategy similar to that of an RTS title.

Our goal is to create a multiplayer environment that gives players a “Band of Brothers” experience as their team of 50 do battle against an opposing team of 50.

Project Stage: We are currently moving towards a closed pre-Alpha stage of development.
We are currently locking in trademarking for the title and establishing contracts for royalty distribution. As such, we’re ramping up the team as we move towards shipping the title late this year. We are looking to fill several key roles as we move forward. Our team is currently made up of three people - each flexible in our roles and highly pragmatic.

Current Team Structure:
Iller: Project Lead, UI and art director, mapper, some texturing, foliage, business lead, website.
Iceey: Feature Programmer
Rick: Workflow, 3D artist

We are looking for:

Senior Programmer:

  • integration of already-built features into game build
  • networking experience essential
  • packaging builds for dedicated server and player clients
  • knowledge of Steam subsystem integration
  • predominantly C++ with some BP
  • working with VOIP integration into UE4 for in-game communication
  • UMG experience is favourable but not required
  • knowledge of the UE4 animation system is favourable but not required
  • willingness to learn and adapt

3D Artist:

  • textures and geometry
  • a good aesthetic sense and eye

You will be working on:

  • weapon textures and geometry
  • vehicles textures and geometry
  • player uniforms and accessories textures and geometry
  • architecture textures and geometry
  • prop textures and geometry

We currently follow a Maya/Substance Designer/Substance Painter workflow.

We would love to chat to you if:

  • you have an interest in WW2 and enjoy games such as Red Orchestra, Squad, Company of Heroes 1/2, Project Reality or Arma
  • you are keen to join a small team and see a title through to release
  • you are passionate and committed to game development
  • you are easy to work with and can take direction
  • preferably on a US or European timezone

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

These positions have been filled, but we’re still looking for similar roles for both. We’d love to hear from anyone who’s a fan of WW2, Red Orchestra and a mature and dedicated approach to game dev!

You still looking for 3d artist/texture artist/ or level design?