Realistic Vehicle Physics

This demo represents a realistic real time vehicle physics simulation which I have been programming in Unreal Engine 4 using C++ for couple of month. The car can fully interact with all physically intractable objects represented in the Nvidia PhysX engine. This demo has been performed using Logitech G27 which is a simulation grade racing wheel.
My goal is to achieve a hyper accuracy and realism. Notice that the vehicle does not fake any movement, Every small change is the result of the overall force exerted onto the vehicle. This engine can calculate for both off road and normal vehicles
The following has been implemented:
-Accurate suspension and damping system accounting for suspension length, stiffness, damping force, suspension speed and etc…
-General angular and liner damping applied to vehicle body preventing destabilization.
-Manual transmission, allowing manual gearing, clutch and simulating all the forces exerted onto the vehicle as the result of gearing such as downshifting and etc…
-Engine properties such as RPM/Torque curve, internal friction and etc.
-All the forces exerted onto the vehicle as a result of tier friction. Accounting for static friction of tier and surface, gravity, angle o8f the surface, rolling resistance, slip angle and etc… However kinetic friction and the vehicle behavior as the result of that happening has not been implemented yet, since it opens the possibility of drifting which as to be implemented properly specially on the part of force feedback on the racing wheel. Simply put, you all drifter weebs can’t drift with this just yet. xD
-Linkage and speed synchronization between engine, transmission, wheels and ground. However, speed desynchronization as a result of kinetic friction have not implemented yet.
-Accurate steering and cornering (except for drifting) accounting for slip angle, angle difference between the inner and outer wheel according to Ackermann’s steering formula.
-Support for 900 degree rotation of steering wheel controller (which is constantly ignored in modern racing games as a result of general human laziness) and of course accurate force feedback on the controller.
To be done:

  • kinetic friction and drifting
  • better weight transfer during cornering.
  • force feedback during drifting