Realistic vehicle physics and force feedback steering support?


I have a project in mind - essentially a small rally sim, for which I am trying to find out which platform/engine would suit my needs best.
I have been trying to find information on UE4’s support of vehicle physics and FFB steering wheels and the amount of detail it has out of the box, but I havent found the answers I was looking for.
I found some mention of the NVidia Physx engine, and some Logitech plugin, but thats all. Perhaps, someone here with experience will know better.

So my question is: How deep would I have to dig into UE4 to achieve suitable realism with the vehicle and environment physics and force feedback, and to provide general steering wheel compatibility?

Thanks in advance

print(“Hello World”)

I was just researching this topic with a similar idea as you, any luck finding with the force feedback?