Realistic Trees 2

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Title - Realistic Trees 2

Price - $9.99

Version - 1.0

Description - Realistic tree meshes, each with 3 LODs, Colour variation, simple collision and a fully customizable wind system so you can get the best look for your projects and games!

Technical Details -
Meshes - 45
Features - Customizable Wind Control
Engine Compatibility - 4.10+
LODs - Yes (3-4 Levels)
Collision - Yes
Tested Platforms - Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms - Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Material Specifications:
Number of Materials – 1
Number of Material Instances - 11
Number of Textures – 13






How come there are 45 meshes, but much less than that in the pictures?

Nice! Buying that :slight_smile:

Bought this yesterday. Great looking assets.
I just need to modify some materials to make them look like snow-covered trees/leaves.

Glad your happy with the pack, would love to see your result after adding snow!

4.14 Compatibility Added

Sorry for the delay, you can now add the project to 4.14 projects from the luncher

Is there a setting to adjust the leaf color? Your green is too green to my eye.

Hey There,

Not by default but you could very easily add in a tint to the textures in the materials.

These are really beautiful. Could charge way more imo - current price is a steal.

Purely curiosity, but i’m interested in your process - just a typical modeling and texturing pipeline?

Thanks for the support, We use 3ds Max and Photoshop for these assets.

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Just bought the pack Realistic Trees 1 which I love just a quick question though. I’m looking to cast the moving shadow of the tree onto a house. When I’m by the tree the shadow is very sharp and realistic but when I move away fro the tree the shadow becomes very blurry and nosy. Any fix for this?

Hey there,

This is to do with your light settings in your level, I dont have much experience working with lighting in the engine but there are loads of guides available. If you google your issue you will find alot of different posts on shadows.

Hope this helps

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