Realistic Trees 1 REMASTERED

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Title - Realistic Trees 1

Price - $9.99

Version - 1.0 Remastered

Description - Realistic Trees 1 has now been REMASTERED to bring 35 new trees, a new leaf type, billboards and material improvements along with the Colour variation, simple collision and a fully customizable wind system so you can get the best look for your projects and games!

Meshes - 89
LODs - Yes
Collision - Yes
Materials – 50
Textures – 45
Texture Resolutions – 2048 x 2048
Tested Platforms - Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms - Windows, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

Documentation: Support – Defuse Studios
Patch Notes: Realistic Trees 1 – Patch Notes – Defuse Studios

](Support – Defuse Studios)

Hello Defuse, might be wise to show you actually got normal/roughness on the marketplace, because no information about it.
Had to check the forum thread for it.

Also… are you using 2 sided foliage shaders? because it kiiinda looks like it doesnt.

Curious to hear how these compare to speed trees. Really nice price point on your trees!

Really nice job, gg :wink:

Hey Luos,

We are using Normal and Roughness on the bark materials thanks for letting us know about that info not being on the store page
we have already gotten on to Epic about a few issues with the store page info (including the completely wrong images.)

Also we are using 2 sided foliage on the leaves but again the images on the store page don’t do the pack justice.

Hi Defuse Studios! Nice work! :slight_smile:
I’d like to know what’s the average polygon count on these. Performance budgeting you know…


Hey there,

Again we will contact Epic about getting the store page sorted with some better info.
As far as poly Counts averages:

LOD0 - (55000 - 60000)
LOD1 - (20000 - 30000)
LOD2 - (7500 - 10000)
LOD3 - (3000 - 7000)

Please note that the high level LODs can be turned off in the mesh panel I will add some images below to show how to do this by changing a value.
The difference in quality may be hard to see in the images but the higher LODs include smaller branches for more detail up close.




Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Overriding Foliage Materials
For anyone having trouble getting tree sway to work with foliage tool!




These look good, although not realistic. They are pretty generic looking trees with no noticeable relation to any real type of trees.

One question pal, there will be desktop version for some trees like Flatland Trees?

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Hi guys, I just bought your Realistic Tree 1 Pack. When I bake the lightning I got the famous “overlapping UV” error. I’m using 4.13.1. I’m pretty sure you layed out the uvs properly before you sell your packages, so any ideas what could cause this error?

The trees seen to be SpeedTree. SpeedTree does have overlapping UVs. But the Lightmap uvs should be free from overlap already. Meaning you get the error messages but no visual problems.

Hey there,

The trees in the pack are not speed tree we make all of them, but ue4 does sometimes give this error even when there are no overlapping uvs I’ll look in to this.

Hey there,

This is a common problem with UE4, are there visible problems with the shadows on the tree or is the error just showing?

** Edit **

I’ve taken a look and it seams unreal has not imported the lightmap UVs for those trees, I will get an update to fix this sent off tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for bring this to our attention.

cool, thanks for the fast reply. I’ll check out your update then.

Hey guys, is the uv error fixed already? Thanks!

Running 4.14.3, Used a few of the hilltop trees with the foliage tool, reducing the lightmap size to 8, and still got many of the UV overlap errors.

At the default lightmap res of 64, with a little over 2000 trees on preview lighting quality it took about 2.5hrs to go from 77% to 90% before I cancelled and dropped the lightmap res to 8, and it built in about 20min. But thats not a problem with the tree pack. I did also force the meshes to LOD2, not sure if that helped the build speed.