Realistic Terrain

Hi arts, devs and the like…

Would anyone here be interested in large map areas with realistic terrain ? If so, I would be happy to offer this service to anyone that wants outdoor terrain but can’t produce it because of technical difficulties or lack of time.

The offer will be supplied as a package containing:

  • materials (base and mask; includes normal and base texture maps)
  • various terrain sizes in km

Please let me know, I would be happy to supply my services and skills to your needs for a modest fee.

Yes it will be interesting, can you share screeshot please ?

This sounds good it can be hard to get things looking just right.

What software are you using to create your final results? (etc… World Machine?)

Have you any examples of your work?

Maybe this should be in the Looking for work thread as opposed to MarketPlace, as this sounds like a tailored service for each customers need.

More can be seen here:

I will upload more as time permits.

Yes I will use World Machine to generate the terrain, also Substance Painter and Substance Designer to add detail if you like.