Realistic terrain

Hello everyone.

Could someone tell me how can I make the most realistic terrain as we can?
Brushes are not accurate and you need to have a talent.
World machine would be best option in my opinion but i don’t know where could I learn something about this application. I suppose that its possible to make realistic landscape from Google Maps … but the textures are blurred and proportions aren’t matched. Its make these landscapes from another engines like Unigine? (like that: )?
I’m beginner and my english isn’t best so don’t be brutal for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Best wishes!

The easiest and in my opinion best way is to use world machine in combination with the UE4 landscape tool -> you can create realistic terrains in a short period of time. :slight_smile:
Here are some tutorials about the program:
world machine to UE4:
world machine: ?v=PglKkG0Ja8A
UE4 landscape tool: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/index.html

Thank you very much.

Know someone how did they create “Landscape Mountains” terrain? Its World Machine too ?

It was also made with world machine + UE4 landscape tool :slight_smile:
<– Here they talk about the process

Is there a significant disadvantage in using the free version of world machine as opposed to a purchased version?

Those are the two disadvantages :slight_smile:
-The maximum resolution output from the Basic Edition is limited to 513x513 pixels.
-You may not use the results of the Basic Edition commercially. Resulting heightfields and textures may not be used in a commercial project, nor integrated into for-sale artwork.

Hi, how can I make a realistic terrain without any otee programms free?
I’m know in UE4