Realistic Swamp

WIP Swamp - Planet Yautja.


The terrain of the planet is a jungle. Certain plant species from Earth are actually present on the planet, potent neurotoxin. The Super Predators have been dropping humans off here for centuries, so it would not be surprising if some seeds accidentally came with them.

Content ideally for a cinematic more than actual gameplay.

In the next update I will work a little bit on the background of the Predator showing the Skylight and the spaceship plus an additional character to the nearest focal point that will frame the momentum.

Nice work. Interested in seeing where this goes. =)

I love the atmosphere, nice work

Really cinematic lighting and composition! Great job!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your interest I will keep working on it these upcoming weeks to expand the entire scene.

Hello again guys, I’m back with some news and I’m currently polishing a character for the scene.
…Can you guess who it is? :slight_smile:


I’m going to give you a hint…“You’re one ugly Motherf***er”

Omg man

OMG **** sorry man hoo you is pro

Thanks bud! Don’t forget to check out the new video! :smiley:

Hello Everyone! I’ve just updated the scene with the Xenomorph, I’m about to upload the new video with the Aliens attacking the Predator.

Hope you guys like it!