Realistic scopes for guns

Please, anyone can say me, how I can make the zooming lens in my scope, like an Unturned

Old thread, but ill drop a comment here, incase anyone stumbles across it. you would create a scene capture 2d, and select a render target. then you can put the render target into a material, and display that material on a plane or cylinder like a lens. to adjust zoom, you change the FOV of the scene capture.

Yep. I managed to get that part down but how would I go about rotating the texture accordingly? Scope BP - Album on Imgur

Nice, looks like you’re on the right track! I would just rotate the scene capture 2d to your leaning angle, and that will rotate the view as well. You could also just attach it to your actual gun model and it will rotate with it. If you wanted to do it via material for some reason, you would use the custom rotator node, and adjust the angle via a scalar parameter. Also, from your screenshots, you dont need transparency as a blend mode at all, it should just be a unlit and opaque