Realistic Rotational Thrusters and Player Mannequin

UE4.22 I know this has been asked quite a few times over the years, but with (lacking) official documentation, and the many responses (usually from 3+ years ago) and many youtube videos, I can’t find a solution that works for me.

I have a third person project setup with the player mannequin moving around jumping etc just fine with keyboard and mouse. It’s the standard out the box setup.

What I’ve been trying to do is add thrusters to it like a jetpack, and want them to be directional.

I’ve tried so many combinations of:

  • Add Force, Add Impulse, Add Force to
    all Bodies below, Add Force at Location, collisions on/off,
    simulate physics, etc, just can’t get
    it to move the player at all.
  • I’ve tried adding sockets and then
    attaching 2 thrusters to those in the
    skeletal mesh.
  • adding thrusters as separate actors in the World Outliner and then making them children ThirdPersonCharacter
  • attachcomponent in the Event Graph trying to attach the thrusters to the mesh
  • In the ThirdPersonCharacter as children of the Mesh, I added ChildActorComponent (but cant associate the thrusters)

It’s been days of brick wall progress, but it should be easier to implement, I would have thought.

Currently I have keyboard maps Z X C V to left thruster UP/LEFT and right thruster UP/RIGHT just as a placeholder trying to get this to work.

I think I’m missing a very important setting somewhere that will hopefully magically make all the forces suddenly affect and move the mannequin.

The key here is I want thrusters to be realistic, in the sense that If the thruster is pushing up, but slightly offset to the left, the body will slowly rotate to the right. Likewise, a thruster offset from the CofG anywhere should create a movement force AND a rotational force in all 3Dimensions, because I want it to simulate real Torque/Moments/Forces. Yes this will probably spin the player all over the place, but that’s what I want (for now) as I plan to take it somewhere further afterwards

Many thanks for saving me from going bald.