Realistic Rocks Vol. 1 [Submitted]

Asset pack updated


I have just released a major update to this asset pack. I have added another set of textures, with more details added in by hand, as well as two tesselated materials to use with ground meshes (they are also combined into one paint-able material).

To celebrate this, the pack is now on sale, 50% off! :slight_smile: Thanks for checking it out.

Original post:
Hi guys,

I have submitted a new product to Marketplace queue:

I’d be happy if you could provide some feedback before (if) I have to get it ready for Marketplace - suggestions, ideas, anything that you would like to see changed if you were a customer.

For example, what size would you like the textures to be - 4k, 2k, 1k, less?



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I will definetly buy those Rocks, I like Rocks :smiley:

I would be interested in 4k or 2k Textures, mostly use 2k Textures for my Project currently.

Would there be a problem providing them with multiple texture resolutions?

Thanks for the info!

No, I’ll include more resolutions, I would just like to know which ones to connect to materials by default, so the users won’t have to do it. Sorry for my confusing question :wink:

I hate you man… this just looks too good

Btw, do an optional material we can drop on, one where moss grows on top or something, so we can use the rocks in eerie forests etc.

This looks awesome. I love video game rocks! Looks a lot like that famous rock formation they are always using in movies (the one in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey).

Hey, good idea, I’ll try to do that… Thanks!


Looks really good, but I think a touch more variation in types of rocks and a bigger pack is what I’d go for personally.

Yeah, the plan is to make more of these packages, each with different type of rocks, sell them individually and combine them into bigger package at some point. They take quite some time to make, unfortunately :slight_smile:

Here’s an update: The asset pack is now on Marketplace, you can find it in the Weapons and Props category. In addition to everything listed on the Trello board, I have also included a layered mossy version of the material. It uses the up-vector, so the moss always grows on tops.

Let me know if you have any specific wishes and I’ll see if I can update the product or make another one.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice Rocks! If anything, might request that you add the ability to swap from automatically scaling the up vector to vertex painting manually, or better yet provide a combination of both in your materials.

Or at the very least you could combine the mossy + non-mossy materials into one set of instanced materials with a boolean switching the moss on/off and a value representing amount of moss if it’s turned on. At least that’s what I did to your material setup about 5 minutes after I downloaded it.

Ok, will do that, thanks a lot for the suggestion! :slight_smile: And thank you for buying the rocks.
I will update the package with some other small improvements, will post here when it’s done.

These look really good. What kind of texture maps are provided? One bit of feedback is that they currently look a little flat/ diffuse, with not much specular response, and could probably benefit from some extra love in the roughness map and material expression/ controls.

My only other feedback/ concern is detail vs scale. Since there is no scale reference provided, it is hard to know how big they actually are, and texel density is what really matters more than map size. Right now they look good from a distance, but it wouldn’t matter if you provide 4k textures if 8k is what’s needed to make them hold up from up close.

I would recommended adding some sort of scale reference into your scene and also showing so close ups to demonstrate how well they work when near too.

This was a concern of mine as well, though I went ahead and bought the rocks anyways because it seemed like they held their details well up close. The good news is that they do - the rocks look great up close (better than at a distance, actually). The moss is a little less believable and is probably something I’ll be adjusting in my own project to look more realistic, but it’s hard to take photo-real rocks and apply an artist-driven moss texture on top and not have it look a little off.

Very nice rocks, and looking forward to more packs:)

@MShuzzle, @Zooch, @Atle - Thanks a lot for all constructive comments! I will go through all this and include as much as possible into next update. Texture maps provided are color, normal and roughness. Zooch is right about the moss on top of realistic surface. I will try to make the moss textures a bit nicer and include the option to vertex paint the moss material. Will keep you updated :slight_smile:

RaaYaar, great work, how did you achieve the fog in distance (on second picture)? Regards

Thanks! For the fog - I don’t really remember the settings I’ve used, but this demo scene is included with the project, so you can open it and check out the settings. There’s only one fog entity in there, so it won’t be hard to find. It’s pretty straight forward, no fancy tricks :slight_smile: