Realistic Roads Edges

Hello All!
I want to ask UE’s great community for help, as I tried to find an answer myself, but so far, didn’t advance in 3 weeks any closer to finding one.
I’m creating a desert environment that has a road through that desert, and I found it problematic to create realistic road edges. I will attach screenshots to show what I mean by “realistic.”
I understood, I could have done that by creating the mesh with irregular (or bumpy, or rough) edges in DCC like Blender, but that will not be 100% random, and one can see that repetition on the bigger scale.
I really liked how the road was created in the Rural Australia pack by Andrew Svanberg Hamilton, and I tried to understand how that was done (I believe with the help of blueprints), but I’m not that smart yet ) If anyone has an understanding of how to get realistic road edges, please share Your thoughts and ideas. Or can you point me to the appropriate tutorial?
Appreciate Your help!


You can try using virtual textures if the meshes are separated!

Hope this helps!

Thank You!
I thought about it, and even saw the video You shared. I will try and I will share my result here later.

Thanks to YouTube Gods, and their randomness finally given me the video answer to my question. Took me almost a month ))) Finally I found it:

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