Realistic Rendering

Can anyone please give some sort of date indication when the Realistic Rendering example will be available on the Marketplace, i know it says coming soon but i can’t wait :slight_smile:

This is exactly what i want to use Unreal for and i am really curious.

My guess would be if not a month after release then a few months after. I can’t see Epic releasing those Coming Soon assets mid-month, since it adds an incentive to stay subscribed for another month. They’ll probably be releasing one or two a month to give them time to set up more stuff to give away.

But that’s just how I’d do it, Epic might have a ton of give-away content already lined up and might not need to do limited monthly releases just yet.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Yep, I’m really interested in the realistic rendering sample too

Honestly, with the material already available and the lighting much more improved in UE4 is not that complicated to create something realistic, especially for interiors, since the surfaces are really clean.

Just setup some materials and prepare to spend quite some time on lights setup, which is the critical part, especially for faking GI…but with the Blueprints tutorial it should be quite easy to adjust lighting in realtime and see the results :wink:

PS: Ciao mude :stuck_out_tongue:

4-6 weeks would be my guess, same for the rest of the pending free marketplace items

I know, but I’d like to check it as a reference, especially for baked lightmaps + dynamic sunlight (directional)

I’m sorry if the question doesn’t belong to the right thread, but can one still download FREE content from the Marketplace when unsubscribing? I mean, if I sub and then close the subscription, am I still able to get some free content dropped into the Marketplace, or I have to re-subscribe in order to access it?

The intent is to be able to download content you were eligible to download for free while you were a subscriber even after you cancel your subscription. Please let me know if that doesn’t work as it is a bug.

Having said that, the intent also is for you to not be able to download free updates that are released after your subscription lapses. This might currently not work as intended. Part of this is due to the fact that the engine is not generally “forward compatible”. Aka, if we release content that was created with version 4.2 you won’t be able to open it with 4.1. Of course content created with 4.1 can be opened with 4.2; we treat “backward compatibility” very seriously.

Thanks for the clarification, Daniel! To be honest, I totally forgot about compatibility issue. :slight_smile: