Realistic rendering project for university class

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Me and a couple of colleagues had to make a project for Virtual Environments class at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Type of project and used technologies were completely up to us, it just had to be related to 3D graphics. Most teams usually create a simple game in Unity or something of the likes.

We chose one classroom and set out to recreate it as realistically as we could in UE4.

I have had some experience in mapping (UT3 maps) so we’ve decided to use UE4. I was doing all the engine stuff and other members (4 of them) were in charge of modelling in Blender and texturing in Photoshop/CrazyBump.

Here are some photos of the real lecture room:

1080p video of Matinee camera animation (recorded using Matinee):

Some 4K screenshots:

The fanciest things we used were Instanced Materials and Blueprints. Using Blueprints and by creating an instance of a parameterized master material we randomized the color of each panel by a small amount just to break the monotony. We also used Blueprints to randomize the rotation and location of all the chairs by a small amount, again to break the monotony. If anyone is interested in these materials/Blueprints, they are available in project files.

Project files:

I would love to see some feedback / constructive criticism as I’m new to UE4 and this was a learning experience for me and all the other members of the team. I am not sure for other members, but I will definitely be doing more stuff in UE4 (a friend of mine and I have plans for a game). Professor said that the end results were quite nice, so I though I’d post this here as well. I know that our performance is horrific, but we haven’t really had the time (due to deadlines) to profile the scene correctly + we didn’t really have much experience in importing Blender-created assets in the engine so we ended up importing high-poly models, we didn’t bake anything.

Well done :smiley:

CG to all of you :slight_smile: