Realistic Rendering Project - Black static meshes?

In the Realistic Rendering project, what is the black static meshes surrounding the room for? I removed them and rebuilt the lighting thinking they were there for that but didn’t notice a change. What is the point of those static meshes in the level design? Is it for lighting or serving another purpose?

Hi Gibdion,

Can you post a screen shot of what you’re experiencing? I’ve loaded up the Realistic Rendering in 4.2.1 and have not encountered this.

Thank you!


My apologies. I wasn’t suggesting it was a bug or anything. I just meant that there were a few solid black box meshes that were used to surround the map, and I was wondering the reasoning behind using these meshes. Was it to keep the directional light from bleeding through into the living room, or did they serve another purpose. Was wanting to know if this practice is something I should adopt in my level design.



Hi Gibdion,

I’ve never really dissected the realistic rendering demo before. In my opinion it would be, as you said, to keep stray light or other influences out. The reason I think this as well is because the wall meshes are a single plane that are not 2-sided. If there was a light source behind it, since there is no material applied for that side, being now 2-sided, it would allow the light to pass through affecting the look of your scene. A good example of this would be if you created a landscape and rotated the directional light’s sun to be below the landscape. At the moment there is no way to block the light on the backside of the landscape without turning the suns brightness down to 0. This causes the suns directional light to pass through the back face of the plane.