Realistic Rendering demo on iPad4 Retina - Textures not showing up / Very dark

Hi guys
The new Realistic Rendering demo looks awesome on my PC and macBookPro (bit slow there). Tried pushing it into my iPad 4 Retina and didnt run well. The sofa and floor textures are missing. The room is very dark (adapting HDR switched off obviously but perhaps it should be brighter). Strangely in the Mobile Preview on the MBP I noticed the darkness and missing textures as well. Is this a OpenGL ES2 artifact? Shaders not compiling ???

Also I would like to use UE4 for Archviz and show on an Android Tablet. Looks like OpenGL ES 3.0 is required for UE4 to run well and only the Adreno 330 seems to support that (Nexus 5). Is the nexus 5 the recommended mobile device at this moment ? Will this demo run with all features turned on on the Nexus 5? Kindly advise as I am planning to buy one for demos.

Here is a screenshot from my iPad:


Larger image might be seen here:

Thanks !

Just to add to the previous post : The framerates for Mobile Temple and Realistic Rendering demos are very good on the iPad 4, couuld be 50-60 FPS… Wish they had HDR. Bloom etc :frowning:


After checking iOS-Compatibility ( ) I presume the HDR / eye adaptation is not working on iPad4 with retina resolution. When you set your exposure manually under Viewport>Lit>Exposure> to log 1 ( brightness 1x) the whole scene is very dark in comparison to the automatic exposure. So it’s no surprise it renders quite dark on your mobile.

For the shaders, I have no clue, they are very complex in comparison to a few others.

It’s not designed to be used on mobile devices. You can make a build, but materials/scene setup are now suitable at all.

The problem is not with the IOS. Its in your mac. Locate “postprocess3” in your scene outliner, locate Auto Exposure. Min and max brightness to 1. Auto brightness bias around 3.5 - 4.0