Realistic Reloading Animations

I have the animation for actually reloading a weapon good and working but the character doesnt actually grab and doesnt tkae off the physical magazine, wanted to know how i would go about doing that so that the character is actually taking off the magazine and replacing for new one??


I think you want to look into Inverse Kinematics:

You probably want to move your hand bones to your weapon bones to make it look like it is grabbing.

That seems kind of what I need but would I need separate animations for the gun and the character taking off the mag?? I’m assuming yes since the character and the weapon are interchangeble in my case…

so if the animations are supposed to be seperaye how I do I make them line up?? So taking off a magazine I would need an animation where the magazine comes off the gun and an animation where the character goes to grab the magazine off… how do I go about this I’m an amateur obviously XD so please be patient thanks!

i got this pack from the marketplace a while ago the weapons are skeletal meshes, and have animations with the magazing coming out and floating in the air.

See this tutorial