Realistic Mountain Landscapes

Hi all.I just submitted the first environment pack.

This set “Realistic Mountain Landscapes” is included high detailed 15 km x 15 km (225 km2) mountain terrain datasets.These landscapes, to be eligible for next-gen games.Pack contains 4 landscapes.

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Wait so you won’t send the landscape textures?

There textures in the project.

Video added…

Looks like straightforward export from WorldMachine to UE4 =/

I would be more interested in buying a tutorial on how to properly export from worldmachine to ue4, this looks pretty basic and easy to make in worldmachine,
also OP’s name is funny :wink: maybe this will be useful to some who don’t use WM though!

Very good & voted ,

Yeah , me too …

No FPS or third person view in the video :confused:

Thanks all commets.

75-90 FPS full screen, but no trees. (i7 3770, nvidia gtx 560TI, 16 GB RAM)

ahhhh Dude, Really. Come on, You telling me you havnt seen my thread on Market place.

High Quality Terrain Asset Pack & Tutorial Series

What’s the issue? Only one person can sell landscapes on the marketplace? We’d enjoy buying your landscapes as well, but they were removed from the Trello board a while ago and we have no idea if/when they’ll actually be available for purchase.

No issue, Just pointing out. Jokes aside i would of preferred my packs were the only one’s on Marketplace so not to hurt sales but that’s life. Im just wondering what the price will be for 4 terrains? compared to the 25 per pack for $45 im doing.

Hello Environment Artist

Just giving a quick feedback, I think you have to invert the snow fall mask. Grass has to appear on low lands where snow has to be on mountain tops. I’m specifically talking about this map:


Hope to see more and good luck. :slight_smile:

I’d totally buy it if the first one was a bit more flat in the middle…

:slight_smile: I used editable shader.You can edit