Realistic modern weapons modular sound effects collection package needed!!

Sound designers heads up!!!

   Are you thinking of what to release and make money in the UE4 marketplace? Well here is my suggestion to get you started and busy making money. 
   I can almost guarantee that a package like this will get featured and will sell thousands of copies if the sounds are high quality, so lets get started... It's time for you to shine, this will help you get a great blueprint on what to integrate at first.

The marketplace lacks of a good realistic modern first person shooters weapon sounds. The existing ones sound too cartonish. I am referring that we need sounds effects that sound like realistic . For example, weapons sounds from games like insurgency, battlefield 3, Squad, ground branch, etc weapon sounds that sound pleasing and believable to the ears/brain.

Here is what the package should include as core:

1. Separate reload sounds for more modular use:
( magazine out, magazine in) for all magazine operated weapons and different for every weapon chategory.

Pistols<Pull top slide, release top slide, pull hammer for some pistols>

Rifles<Different bolt pull/reloading sounds for different type of calibers>

Snipers<Bolt action (pull bolt back, put bolt in), single bullet reload, bullet ejected sound.

Semi auto sniper rifle (magazine out, magazine in), single bullet reload>

Pump shotguns/single shot<Shell load,live shell eject to hand, empty shell eject to floor>

Magazine operated shotguns<Magazine in, magazine out,reload pull slide>

Sub-machine-guns like uzi, p90, ump 45< Magazine in, magazine out, reload bolt sound could be the same/similar as for the rifles>

Revolvers < spin loader/cylinder sound , single bullet reload, single bullet eject(empty (multiple/single) shell/s hitting ground & live bullet/s ejected to hand), pull hammer >

Grenade launchers <grenade in, grenade out>

Single bullet reload for all type of weapons mentioned.

Frag, gas, flash, grenades< pull pin>

C4 <connect two wires, any other creative sound (like signal reached sound/bulb light up) >

2. Equip/Unequip weapon sounds from any character body:

knife, grenades, rifles, pistols, snipers, C4, revolvers, shotguns.

3. Safety toggle sounds & switch fire mode:

(single/burst/auto) switch fire mode lever/button sound. (These could sound the same)

4. Empty shells sounds:

Empty shells from Pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenade safety pin. (Solid surface, grass, water) different landing sounds {different calibers shells}

5. Drop/Pickup weapon from world, depending on the weapon category:

All weapons mentioned before. grenades, C4, knife, etc.

6. Different weapons and bullets colliding with world.

Weapons colliding with world, force applied by character: ie: ( -video made by Tooner)

Bullet sounds of impact on different type of surface materials: Sand, water, wood, metal, drywall, plaster, rock, grass, human body/skin, etc.

7. Bullet fly by sounds/cracking sounds to be played if bullet fly by really close to a player:

supersonic fly by bullet sounds as well as silenced version: ie
( - video made by MaverickH1) skip to 1:35 and these would be the sound you might wanna consider archiving.

Grenades hitting surfaces(non live/before detonating)
Bullets hitting surfaces( metal/wood/water/masonry/paper/cardboard/drywall/ electronics/leaves/grass/etc)

8. Install/uninstall attachment from weapon sound effects.

Put in flashlight, laser, sight, suppressor, etc.

9. Aim down sight toggle sound effect.

10. Realistic Firing sounds (try to make the best quality as possible for this section)

Grenade (frag, gas, and flash) and C4 explosion sounds. Note: for gas can be a continuous loop, two or more different sounds to add variety and realism for all explosion sounds for the grenade types.

C4 throw and stick to surface sounds (separate sounds).

Grenade launcher firing sounds

Knife Swing, etc.

Weapons(rifles, pistols, snipers, revolvers, shotguns, sub machine-guns) sound effects: This should also include suppressed version sound effects for the suppressor attachment for all weapons.

Single, burst (3) and auto firing shots sounds (single can be compatible to loop in order to make auto/depends on weapon)
(all type of weapons mentioned before + more) I’ll add a list of weapons that are common to get a better idea of what to target.

Referencing the few games mentioned at the beginning would be a good idea to get a ground base/idea of what type of sounds to develop.

Weapons, most popular requests:

**These list is just intended to help the sound designer to get more ideas on what should be included. Also all silenced(supressor) version of the weapons should be included as well.
Some weapon categories in these list might be wrong and I know some weapons here are not that “modern made”, but commonly used today… :slight_smile:
Pistols: Desert Eagle, Glock(17,18, or 22), Beretta M9, Colt M1911, TT-33, Beretta 92, FN FNP, Smith & Wesson SW1911, etc.

Rifles: AK47, M4A1, AS VAL, M16A3, AR15, AEK-971, SCAR-H, G36C, AKS-74u, XM8, Famas, M1 Garant, KRISS Vector, AKM, AK-74, AK-101, AN-94, TAR-21, etc.

Sub-machine-guns: MP5, UMP-45, FN P90, MP7, PDW-R, Micro-Uzi, Socimi Type 821, etc.

shotguns: Remington 870, 870MCS, M1014, USAS-12, SAIGA-12K, Franchi SPAS-12, “Super Nova,” Mossberg 930, etc.

Sniper Rifles: M40A5, SKS, SVD, L96, Barrett M90 or M82, CheyTac Intervention, Dragunov SVU, GOL Sniper Magnum, JNG-90, M24 Sniper Weapon System, M40 rifle, MSSR rifle, VSK-94, VSS Vintorez, Zastava M07, L42A1, etc.

Revolvers : .44 Magnum, Beretta Stampede, Colt Anaconda, Colt Diamondback, Smith & Wesson Model 500, Taurus Judge,

11. Note:Everyone interested as well feel free to leave your ideas. Light machine-guns and heavy machine-guns are up to the sound designer/s I f they want to add it, it will add more value. Also other melee weapons like: Baseball bats, crowbars, hatchets, etc…

**Suggested Retail Price: **
US $: 189.99 +

One of the big issues with something like sounds is that a lot of the time people want unique sounds for their projects, and if a lot of people buy these assets, then you lose the uniqueness of them. Also, I believe sounds are the lowest selling assets on the marketplace, and for a price of $189 USD you wont really get many people buying it.