Realistic material strength + other properties (not just another thread about Destructible Meshes)

Hello fellow unreal engine users,

I’ll get straight to the point, I’m working on a game mechanic prototype that requires almost all objects in the world to behave according to some real world “Mechanical failure modes” If the player takes a battering ram to a door, instead of having a simple health bar, the door reacts like it actually would in real life. If the player makes a small bridge out of a plank of wood, it should know to snap when too much weight is put on it. Corrosion should weaken metal, heating it up should make it soft. I want all the calculations to be accurate enough to be plausible, without having to be a scientific quality simulation.

I’ve watched many examples of destruction in unreal, but only for impact damage, I haven’t found any examples where material stress was modeled. If anyone knows of a way to do this in unreal(or any other game engine for that matter) please post it on this thread. If there is any plugin or something like that, I’m would even willing to spend a little cash :slight_smile:

I will be grateful to anyone who helps me answer this question, Thank you for reading!