Realistic Lightning

Lightning from real time slowmo reference

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
Thanks to Paragon assets for location, and starter content for mannequin and few environment materials


  • I used Houdini for very simple basic Lizard RBD
    Some lightning in niagara. trying to match real time reference from slowmoguys youtube channel, to catch the motion and main idea of lightning borth proccess.
    Made in Unreal engine 5.1

Bravo! This effect is really nice. The destruction feel very strong!

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Greetings, @Pashtetuser; I hope you’re doing well, and welcome to the UE community! I agree entirely with @for6won; you can definitely feel the destruction from your realistic lightning animation; I had quite the chuckle when I saw our main protagonist get struck after performing their victory dance; that was hilarious. :rofl:

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Hi there @Pashtetuser,

Hope you’re well!

The slowmo makes the lightning effect it especially impressive. Getting to see how the light almost encompasses each piece of the sculpture is simply: awesome!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your kind words, it’s my first time participating in any kind of challenge, and I am very grateful for warm greetings!




Greetings @Pashtetuser !

Your Realistic Lightning is awe-inspiring! I appreciate the different angles and camera speeds displayed of the phenomena. It amplifies the effect of the force.

There’s always something powerful in the ability to bring down veins of destructible light! Raiden, Shango, Zeus, Thor and other gods of lightning approve! :zap: :zap: :zap: Congratulations on completing your first challenge!