realistic light modifiers

hi all :}.

brief intro to my ideas:

iam a photographer and am looking to get realistic lighting results in my scenes. I have tried the bounce method used by koola and many others… this works very well and is something done in photography.its very comman to use reflectors to bounce light where you want it. when doing beauty portraits it also standard to use soft and controlled light. the spot light bounced off a wall would be a similar result to using a off camera flash pointed at a white wall. this however isn’t very controlled and you can get light spill where you don’t want it, a solution for this is called a softbox. it gives soft diffuse light whilst been controllable when doing portraits as it only effects a small area and light doesn’t flood the scene.
I decided to build a softbox in unreal editor and have found it works pretty well., its very simple to do.

{using a box ,a spot light and a translucent material. the light bounces round the box then passes thru a material, in this case a cloth material based on a curtain material.the result is a softer light then just a bounce/reflector can achieve and doesn’t flood a scene.}

example uses would be a character cinematic like the matinee demo, epic uses point lights to add lighting to the actors at certain points of the demo.a soft box would be a better choice in my opinion if you want soft light.

I havnt seen any posts suggesting this so thought I would . depending on the material used ,colour of material,texture etc you get many results.

this got me thinking about recreating many light modifiers that photographers and cinematographys use to create the pro look were used to seeing in films and magazines.another aspect could be bokeh ,{coloured out of focus circles} and knowing what lighting types and angles create certain styles.

if anyone is interested I can post blueprints of the example softbox ive made ?.

Some screenshots of your solution would help in garnering more interest in this technique.

Showing off its capabilities would go a long way.

yeh I know and will post some images soon, my net is playing up so cant upload anything at mo. just wanted to see if anyone was interested or if was any obvious issues I should be aaware off before I spend time making things.