Realistic Interior Rendering in Unreal Engine 4

Hi this is my latest interior rendering in my favorite game engine i.e. UE4.

Well it miss the realism, look like a bunch of downloaded models with some simple mesh bad UVmapped… the table need more UV work. At least lightmaps looks good

Thanks a lot for ur comment. Will work on those comments to improve it further.

Pretty good! I feel like Lux87 wasn’t as polite as they could be, so I’ll try to be more specific about my feedback.

My issue with this scene is some of the material definitions. Like the pitcher and pot on the counter are incredibly reflective and bright, while the oven next to it is quite matte. Maybe the oven isn’t metal like I’m thinking, but it feels somewhere in-between chrome and plastic. I like to have reference images present when tweaking material values like roughness so that I know it is accurate to the real world.

For example, I can’t really tell what fruit that is on the counter. The skin and the flesh have the same roughness and neither gives me any subtle hints as to what it is.
The metal rings on the wood barrel are more brilliant and perfectly smooth than I would expect. I think just about everything should have a little more variation in the roughness maps so that it is not strangely flawless.
Normal maps can also help break up the over-polished look of everything. The wood barrel needs some sort of wood grain or spaces between boards, and the basket needs more defined layers.

Another issue that needs to be worked on is your sense of scale. For things to feel natural, everything has to be perfectly proportional. If you imagine someone sitting at that table with their hands on top, you’ll see that the mug is gigantic and needs to be shrunk. The green fruit does remind me of limes, but they are too big for that to make sense. The plant in the corner seems a little small and awkward. The lamp in the video is small enough that a person’s head would be high above it, and the picture hanging next to it is below eye-level.

My last piece of advice is to mess around with the ambient occlusion. The toekick underneath the counter isn’t shodowed enough and you are missing a lot of contact shadows. I’m seeing hints of screen-space AO from your post-process, but it looks very artificial and slotchy in some places. I would recommend trying to bake it in Lightmass instead, but don’t go overboard with it.

On a more positive note, that hanging lamp over the table looks great. I think you nailed the material values on that with the translucency or Subsurface Scattering.

Thanks lot for all those pretty comments I loved it will try to make all the changes asap, Started working on those. Thanks a lot again.

Sorry for the disagreeable reply, the thread’s title misled me. What i was trying to say is that there is a huge difference between some objects in the scene (the lamp over the table, the chairs) that are really great, and other (table on top) that really don’t work. In addition to StephaBon suggestions, i would try to balance this gap. Also, the wood texture that you use on the kitchen forniture, you could try to set the UV of the forniture’s doors, so that the wood’s veins don’t coincide with the ones on the other door.

Thanks a lot again. From now on you both are my friends. I loved Ur suggestion I got exactly what I was looking for, Nice Critics and Comments.

It’s great to get feedback like that.

Hi. Nice scene, it remind me this scene.
Try to work more on better GI.