Realistic horse needed

We need a realistic horse for our UE4 game. We are currently using an fbx model(from Unity3d), but it looks like a plastic horse. We need you to take our fbx and make all the texture look like real hair, including making the mane and tail flow and look like real horse hair. Also, we need a horse/rider mounting animation added. We are currently using mixamo characters(rider) and we would like to show the animation of the rider mounting the horse. Current horse is from a Unity3d asset.


Are you also looking to have props on the horse (such as the saddle/bridle/reigns) that can be switched out? Or not at all? Or just a saddle as seen in the image?

Yes, that is a good point. I will be needing to switch out horse gear. There is an inventory system that the user can purchase/earn horse gear.

Short video clip:

Awesome, that’s super useful. We’ll reach out and hopefully work out an arrangement to bring a little life to this horsie of yours :slight_smile: