"Realistic" Head in Unreal Engine 4

Here is my first attempt to create a realistic 3d human head (Actually my first attempt to create a human head in 3d :stuck_out_tongue: ). However it still doesn’t look as photo-realistic as I wanted it to, but I’m working on it!
heartoftheglass.jpg 9bca1c694a9e0201745b1525dda1ea7e67ce67ab.jpeg fe8f8874b64132ab41a5ea71f88b764f0550e172.jpeg

I hope you like it!

Good job! I think for your first attempt at a human head you have done very well.

The main thing that stands out to me as needing immediate attention is the anatomy. The cheekbones look far too exaggerated, the upper jaw line is off, and the ears feel incorrectly scaled and positioned. Of course, these are all things that can be fixed which will really help it to get that much closer to a realistic level :slight_smile:

Very nice lighting. A few tweaks to the materials and underlying mesh, and you’ll have a really awesome looking head.

Thank you for the advice ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: And of course thank you for nice words! :wink:

TAP-CHAN - Looking good, The skin kinda creeps me out (in a good way :rolleyes: ) Keep it up, would love to see updates!

JBaldwin I did some tweaks according to your advice and it really looks much better! Thank you! :smiley:

I used a “generic” set of lights that companies often use to show their realistic head renders :smiley: i.e. set one vivid spotlight in the back (to make it have more “Blondie look” :smiley: ), one blueish-turquoise dim light from below and one white light from above/front. This way material/render flaws are less visible :wink:

Those cheekbones really do look a lot better. Good Job! :wink:

Amazing!! :smiley:

Can you tell us more about your texturing worfklow? His skin looks really good!

That head of yours looks incredible! Also must say those are really well captured screenshots, are those images taken within ue4?

Really cool stuff man, Faces and humans in general are the two biggest obstacles to overcome for me, I would love to know what programs you use to sculpt, Texture and bake etch?

I have mudbox & 3dsMax, is is it possible to get that level of detail and results using MudBox for this? I am planning to purchase the newest zBrush soon, but thought I would ask which are your favorites? Thanks for any help on which program to use! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m sorry for the delay. All those screenshots are captured within ue4 (that’s why they are posted on this forum anyway :wink: ). Mudbox and 3ds Max should be enough (I guess you can achieve the same effects in any sculpting program). I don’t really know the difference between Zbrush and Mudbox… However, people I know generally prefer zbrush.
If I were to give use some advice - you should make a set of several alpha textures that imitate skin topology more or less. Then, when you’re sculpting using those maps, you can achieve very nice detail in a very short time. Examples:
They may look lame, but really get the job done :wink:

Update: I’ve diversified the specular map a little bit (added more spec in the forehead and nose areas) and added some noise.
SpecAdjust2.jpg SpecAdjust1.jpg

Those eyes are kinda scary :stuck_out_tongue:

Well they are based on the photo of my own eyes ^^

Awesome job so far TAP-CHAN! When I first saw this post a couple of days ago I was pretty excited to see how you would better the first photos you provided, but the head you have created just seems to get better and better with each update. Keep up the great work and hope to see this implemented into a project at some point down the road!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Very good job TAP-CHAN. Could you share the Material? :rolleyes: