Realistic Hands Markerless Motion Capture

Another test for my project, this time is markerless motion-capture for hands, then rendered inside Unreal Engine 4.

The main goal of this project was to test other solutions of mocap for hands, because sometimes optical suits are not that precise in those areas. I used a base model from Ten24 and some displacements from TexturingXYZ to enhance the result. I did all the retopology, UVs, texturing, materials, rigging, blendshapes, lighting ,mocap setup and animation.

For more follow me at: or :slight_smile: Real time hands in Unreal Engine 4:

Hands in Maya and topology:

Unreal Engine 4 screenshot:


The veins are a bit distracting

oh :confused: what do you mean? their shape? color? protusion?

Nice work. That’s pretty amazing. I think the veins are fine.

hehe Thanks! really glad you like it! :slight_smile:

really great… which software or way do you use for making mocops…can you give me any hints .thank you

That’s pretty awesome !
I would buy it if you sell it in the store to learn a bit how this works in UE, or do you think about sharing it in some way ?

Have my leap here collecting dust for two years or so =)


Also interested in buying this if you make it available!

Sorry for the late reply, I use Brekel Hands along with a Leap Motion sensor :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing, sorry for the late reply, I just recieve notifications of this messages. When I created this mocap test people were interested in buying it, so I said how much…they said $10…which is ridiculous, so I abandoned the idea of selling it, and move foward to work on other projects . So I dont think they will be for sale, hope you undestand! thanks once again! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest, I appreciate it!. As I stated in the previous comment, I abandoned the idea of selling it, and now Im working on other projects. Maybe once they are finish I can go back to this one, best regards! :slight_smile: