Realistic FPS Kit (buy now)

Realistic First Person Shooter Kit
Allows you to create a more realistic FPS game.

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100% Blueprints

the pack contains:
-Basic recoil (will be improved in the future)
-Zooming with your weapon (Including sniper sights)
-The ability to ‘focus’ (pressing shift will steady the cursor for a few moments)
-Changing between automatic and semi-automatic firing modes
-Sensitivity change option
3 sounds
4 blueprints
1 texture
1 model
3 widgets

Reload system
Ammo pickups
can throw granades\health kits\ammo kits
ammo system
health system
AI enemy
-more to come-

a New Update Is Coming Soon!

The complete system is made in Blueprints ? No C++ here?

100% Blueprints

I wanted it.

Thank you very much, you will not regret :slight_smile:

This isn’t a place to advertise your assets.

is it really bother you?

Its a fair point. Community Tools should be free of commercial products or promotions…
The Mods do a good job, but sometimes commercial products still end up in Community Tools.

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Okay, Thanks for clarifying yourself
I’ll think about what i can do

We try :slight_smile:

Curious as to where the best place to put this actually is, as its not on the marketplace and could be considered ‘spam’ as well (advertising a product), but it is UE4 related, so…
Ditto on other thread: Blueprint Building system (For Sale)

Hi Kris!.. I believe it goes here:

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There’s other Commercial Threads too that could / should be moved:
ThisThisThisThis etc etc … Want some more?.. Let me know :slight_smile:

I Updated the to do list Check out the new ideas
new update is coming very soon