Realistic FPS blueprint tutorial?

I’d love to see a video tutorial that covers:

  1. FPS movement(WASD), jump(space), couch(ctrl), prone(alt), default is running,walk(shift).
  2. Select weapon by press 1,2,3.etc 1. handgun 2.rifle.
  3. Firing a weapon(i.e. a handgun)
  4. Reload weapon
  5. Drop weapon with a hotkey
  6. Pick up a weapon on the ground

The information is definitely out there for most of this stuff but I feel this kind of stuff needs to be covered by a video tutorial. I know it’s alot to ask I and aware Epic’s writers are very busy I just wanted to put that request out there and wonder how many other people need such a video tutorial? Making the content(gun, animation) isn’t a problem for me, it’s setting up the blueprint that’s going to be tough. I’m trying to make a WW2 multi-player FPS.

Why not simply use the ‘Shooter Game’ example, instead? I believe it features pretty much all of this functionality. It shouldn’t be that hard to learn from it, at the very least.

The best way to go about this is to try and make something yourself, and if any issues appear use the answerhub. Also, if you want to make a multiplayer FPS consider learning a bit of C++, as some features are easier and better to make in c++.

Because he wants to educate himself.

I’m actually learning some of this stuff now but with blueprints, it’s scary and exciting. I just want to focus on blueprints for now, then I’ll jump to C++ later.