Realistic Foliage Rendering Experiments

Hi,I’m Shrimp,I’m an indie game developer from China. :slight_smile:

Recently I want to start build my own indie game,so I did some experiments for realistic rendering.Here is some screenshot from UE4 in realtime.When I get free time I will share the method that I using.The scene just for testing and will go deeply.So I will post my process continuously. Now I just get 3 temporary results.If you have any question please comment below.

You may also check my other works on Artstaion.Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Looks great!

just amazing looks like individual grass blades not a plane

Yeah,indeed they are.

looks like a great start.

Looks great!

Why are these pictures so extreme blurred? O.o U can almost pick the colors of the 3D effect! U should remove the 3d effect… And add more sharpen.

I would reduce fringe and vignette. I think the right amount for those effects is when you don’t get distracted by them. When people start noticing and pointing that it means it’s too distracting. But if it’s on purpose for some reason, just ignore me =D

The grass itself is really great!

I just turned on fringe and DOF,so it seemed blurred,now I turned off.

Thanks for advice,Now I turned it off and got a better result.