Realistic expectations to use UE5 for production in 2022?

UE5 released and tech is going fast as always and it’s beautiful. But to get to a new engine version we need test bunnies and… well you get the point. Measured by just this forum there are quite a few questions about UE5 which mention crashes, asserts, migration trouble, shader issues, audio problems (though audio components weren’t that great in UE4), but back to the point… Are we OK? is UE5 the big thing now or do we throw some more bunnies at it until it is? Is there an “end of life” to UE4 and can we make a clear timeline what looks like one of the biggest current events in the gaming / media industry?

Point probably made… but obviously some new devs drown on this forum while part remains at 4.ancient while a part gets stuck on these things in UE5.

I’m on UE4 myself and will stick with it for a while for business, but it doesn’t hurt talking about the current state of the engine and how UE4 will be treated in the near future. Devs like facts.

The forums for any engine or tool are always skewed towards people who have problems.
The people who are busy using the tool, and using the tool, not complaining in forums :slight_smile:

nothing wrong with a healthy balance :slight_smile:

if you are not comfortable diving into engine source code to solve problems directly it’s probably good to stick with what you know. When enough people have faced problems with the new engine and filled up google with their solutions, then might be a better time to move forwards.

if you are a developer like me who isnt savvy enough to solve deep technical problems on their own, its better to stick with something that has been around longer so more people are able to help when you got a problem.